Information Technology

Information technology is closely related to the field of computers and networks, where many people think of computers or networks or both when the term information technology is mentioned, because computers and networks (such as the Internet) are considered the main means of preserving, disseminating, and applying information. Getting it is very simple and fast. The world today is likened to a small village thanks to information technology. The process of communicating and disseminating information has become very fast to include all parts of the world, which greatly affected human life, and brought about a radical change in it, so the means of entertainment and comfort increased, and the hardship and trouble decreased in many matters, and the world is now completely dependent on science, with science That this technology carries a great enough risk to destroy society if it is not managed well.

Modern technology has contributed to the development of the same science and its technological applications very quickly and made it different from yesterday, and it will make the world of tomorrow completely different from the world of today.

The economic impact of information technology

Technological progress and organizational maturity contributed to increasing production, accumulating capital, and later creating intense competition between manufacturing companies, and as a reflection of this competition, the concept of research and development emerged, as a strategy for creation and creativity, through the harmony of scientific ideas and their application by realistic and comprehensively engineered work. And made it a way of life, so the role of research and development expanded into large sections with technical, legal and administrative skills in maintaining the industrial site and an indication of quality, efficiency, productivity and cost. These developments created an industrial culture that derives its sustenance and progress from the bids of science and technology that mature and deepen as a natural result of research and development.

The expansion of the role of research and development in the information revolution, its relevance to the organization of factories in the era of globalization, its infrastructure, the importance of all of this to technological leadership in the global economy, the spread of technological innovations from a specific industrial sector to other industrial sectors inside and outside the country, and the impact of that on the capacity and speed of each country and abroad. Industrial productions in many places and their important role in the secretions of industries registered for production on the world market.

The political impact of information technology

Technology bears the role of power and authority; Modern aircraft with electronic technology are much faster than aircraft that lack this feature, and military (or so-called smart) weapons that rely on information technology do much more than the weapons of the past did, Small computers have the ability to perform millions of arithmetic operations in a few seconds, compared to old computers with limited efficiency that are limited to accomplishing a few arithmetic and informational operations. And many more countless examples.

These changes resulting from the development of science and technology are new features or faces of power, which will present humanity in the world of tomorrow with other new features; Most of the scientific achievements and discoveries are achieved as a result of military requirements, which played a major role in directing the form and manner of technological and cognitive development, directly or indirectly. This is what made modern science and its contemporary technological applications a very important impact on the human being today, more than ever before throughout its history as the basic basis of the modern economy, its means to create wealth and the strategic necessity to determine the requirements and the repercussions of all this on achieving political goals.

The social impact of information technology

Sociologists have likened the impact of information technology on society to having transformed the world from vast continents separated by oceans, which take months to travel between its continents, to a very small village that includes all the world's population, which is called globalization. Thanks to information technology, the process of communication between any two people in different parts of the earth has become an easy and fast process, where communication is carried out by voice only, or by voice and image together through the Internet with very high accuracy.

The process of exchanging messages now requires fractions of a second after it required days or even months to reach one of the two parties only; Instant messaging applications appeared for mobile devices, which made the exchange of messages only require writing the message and pressing the send button. Recently, the so-called social networking sites have become famous, which are used for the purpose of entertainment among people in order to share their news, pictures, and psychological conditions with the community, and people interact with each other.

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